This Sunday we will be meeting at Cove Valley as a part of our annual fall retreat.  The theme for the weekend is “Storytime at Cove”!  Conrad Swartzentruber will be our guest speaker.  Who doesn’t love a good story?  

We look forward to seeing everyone at Cove Valley for some relaxation and storytelling.   

I chatted with a friend this week who told me part of his story about immigrating from Guatemala 36 years ago.  I was drawn to his story as he talked traveling at night having to stay close to his guide, or the “coyote” as he called him.  He continued with stories about being deported but not being discouraged but he kept following his pursuit of a better life.    

We all have a story worth sharing.  One of the benefits of being in community is we can share our stories with others.  I think it is important to think about how God’s story of love and reconciliation intersects with our story.  

Here is a YouTube channel dedicated to Anabaptist stories, if you want to hear some stories about the Anabaptist faith and some of its founders.  

You may have seen an announcement in the Marion weekly news to regarding an upcoming study on exploring Christian faith and life.  Michele Hershberger wrote a book titled “God’s Story, Our Story”.  Michele’s book is an introduction to Christian faith from an Anabaptist perspective.  This study is geared for people considering baptism or by people who want to think through faith questions before or after making a commitment to being a Jesus Follower.    

If you have interest in being a part of this study, please let Dustin know.   

Have a great week!