This week as we continue our series, What if…?  We will be looking at Jonah. 
I would encourage you if you can find the time to read the book of Jonah this week. 
I read once that when you read the book of Jonah, you will find yourself in one of the four chapters…
Chapter1… Running from God
Chapter 2… Running to God
Chapter 3… Running with God
Chapter 4… Running against God

What if God asks us to do something we do not want to do? 
What if we choose the exact opposite of what God desires for us?
What if God does something we do not like? 
What if the book of Jonah had a fifth chapter, how would it end? 
Let’s talk about it on Sunday.
A video for the children, complete with barfing sounds.
The famous Jonah song!  You have to love an asparagus in an Elvis jumpsuit. 
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