Did you ever ask a question, and you didn’t understand the answer? 

We have two homeschooled high school students in our home.  There are times when I walk past the kitchen table and whether it is their mom, their online physics teacher, their Bible teacher (you know who you are), or their Spanish app and I will hear the question being asked and then I hear their response and I think…

What kind of a response is that?!?

Were my kids even listening to the question? 

Sometimes I wish my kids had to face the humiliation of public-school settings where they could experience the shaming and shunning when they would give a terribly ridiculous answer. 

Well maybe my children can be comforted by Jesus’ response to a question in our gospel scripture today.

We continue our Lent journey, our theme this week is… Christ among Us, the New Covenant.  The scripture provided to us to dwell with this week are…

Jeremiah 31:31–34

Psalm 119:9–16

John 12:20–33

Hebrews 5:5–1

As I sit with the John 12 passage, I am taken back by Jesus’ response to a question he was asked.

Jesu was asked a basic “yes or no” question and his response is a bit of a head scratcher. 

What do you think of Jesus’ response?

Did Jesus answer the question?

Does Jesus ever answer a question with a yes or a no?

What does this passage have to do with covenants?

Are you more confused now than before you read this?

Let’s talk about it on Sunday.

~ Pastor Dustin