Have you ever been thirsty?

No, I mean really thirsty?  I mean so thirsty that you would sell your birthright in order to… no wait wrong story. 

This week, the third Sunday of Lent, as we continue our journey with the theme of Created in the Image of God, Shaped by Jesus, we are looking at being shaped through thirst. 

Back to our thirst question, what do you like best to quench your thirst?  My dad used to say, “If the good Lord created something better than ice water, he kept it for himself”. 

The four scriptures we have in front of us this week are…

Exodus 17:1–7; Psalm 95; Romans 5:1–11; John 4:5–42

I invite you to focus on the John passage.  What stands out to you when you read this familiar passage?  Is it the way the Samaritan woman gives Jesus some attitude?  Is it the peculiar maybe inappropriate question that Jesus asks the women?  Did you find it odd that during this deeply profound conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, the disciples were nowhere in sight?  Was this Samaritan woman the first evangelist for Jesus?  How would you retell this story today to have the same cultural impact that it did during Jesus’ day? 

Read this familiar story with fresh eyes and an open mind.  See what God might have for you today in this passage. 

Let’s talk about it on Sunday!

~ Pastor Dustin