This week we are starting a new series for the summer.  We are going to look at some of the questions that Jesus asked during his ministry.  The four gospels record over 300 questions that Jesus asked, and Jesus answered less than 10 questions.  

Why do you think Jesus asked more questions than he answered?  I mean it is Jesus, the one with all the answers. In fact, the very first time Jesus speaks in the Bible, it is a question.  What can we learn from the questions Jesus asked?  It seems Jesus didn’t feel the need to answer the questions he asked.  This summer let’s take a closer look at the questions Jesus asked and what it revealed about the people and situations around him.  Do you have a favorite Jesus’ question?  

Join us this Sunday as four youth have decided to be baptized this Sunday.  What an exciting time within our community as we see and hear the commitments these young people are living and making. 

~ Pastor Dustin