Happy New Year!  It’s Epiphany Sunday. 

We are continuing our theme of, On the road.  This week we are, On the road to radiance.   

The scriptures for this week are… 

Isaiah 61:10 – 62:3

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14

Ephesians 3:1-12

Matthew 2:1-12 

Last week, we experienced the excitement from Simeon and Anna and that excitement continues as the Magi are making their way to Bethlehem.  This week, we hear the story of the magi from the east, those foreign astrologers who traveled a great distance to satisfy their curiosity. It took a little more effort for the magi to recognize the Christ, but like Simeon and Anna, they also knew him when they saw him. 

This Sunday we celebrate the Epiphany, or the revelation of Christ to the world.  It’s a world that is hungry for something new. Even today, more than 2000 years after the events we read about in Matthew’s gospel, the world is still looking, still seeking for the one thing that can satisfy our hunger. Will we know it when we see it? 

Let’s talk about it on Sunday.