This Sunday is Palm Sunday.  While their might a sigh of relief that lent is almost over, Holy week may be the most intense week of lent. 

Our lent theme is Created in the Image of God, shaped by Jesus.  This week’s focus is… Called to Worship.  The scriptures we are invited to look at are…

Isaiah 50:4–9a; Psalm 31:9–16; Philippians 2:5–11; Matthew 21:1–11

This Sunday, Palm Sunday we will focus on Jesus’ triumphal entry.  What a beautiful scripture of how spontaneous and powerful worship can be.  In fact, in the gospel of Luke, the Pharisees tell Jesus to stop the disciples from worshipping.  Jesus says if they stop worshipping then the stones would cry out. 

Jesus is worthy of our worship. 

I don’t know how this lent season has been for you this year, but Jesus is worthy of our worship. 

If the people in Jerusalem would have known what was going to happen to Jesus, do you think they still would have worshiped him the way they did?

Last Sunday we talked about disappointment.  Can we worship Jesus when we are disappointed?  Disappointed in ourselves, disappointed in others, disappointed in the way our life is, or disappointed in Jesus?

Does our worship depend on how we experience Jesus?

Are we worshipping the Jesus we want or the Jesus who is? 

Let’s talk about it on Sunday. 

~ Pastor Dustin