By Ray Miller

Dustin is needing someone to fill in on Sunday and asked me if I would be willing.  With a big “gulp” I agreed.

I’ve titled my message:      Wisdom from God? …. Now What?

We are in the midst of our series on Proverbs.  Each Sunday we have been considering things that Proverbs warns can “eat away” at us.  But this Sunday we will take a different tack.  Still in Proverbs, (at least to begin,) the first nine verses of chapter 2.  Then we’ll move on to one of Jesus’s parables recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

Proverbs tells us that All people who diligently seek Godly wisdom are given it in some portion.  But how do we then use that God-given wisdom?  Proverbs 2:9 says, “Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path.”

Let’s see if Jesus has something to say about that.  Quite often we find a parable of Jesus has many-faceted teaching for us.  I believe the lesson typically gleaned from the “Parable of the Ten Minas”, in Luke 19: 11- 28, is that those who are diligent with what is given them will be rewarded.  And those who squander what is given them, will lose even what they have.  But verses 26 and 27 give me pause and make me wonder whether there is something we are missing in that traditional understanding of the parable………. Referring back to Proverbs 2:9

Let’s think about that together on Sunday.