Author: Mariann Martin

This week before we look to our next woman of the Bible, I wanted to remind you of the invitations Dustin gave us to practice what we learned from Naaman’s wife’s Jewish slave girl.

  1. What do you need to let go of to experience more freedom in Christ?What are you hanging onto that’s limiting experiencing more freedom in Christ?
  2. Can you talk to the difficult person in your life that God is nudging you about to show concern about their well-being? Who is God nudging you to be concerned about their well-being? Have a conversation with them.
  3. Can you talk to someone who might not know about the goodness of God?

This week we will be talking about the women who suffered for 12 years with a bleeding disorder before meeting Jesus and receiving healing. The story can be found in three places in the Gospels. 

Check it out at:

Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48

What stands out to you in these passages?

What would you have done in her situation?

Are you surprised by Jesus’ reaction to her?

How does one deal with a life-altering long term illness? 

What happens if miraculous healing doesn’t happen for you?

Let’s talk about it on Sunday.  

Mariann Martin