I am very aware that change can be hard.  Reforming our church governance structure is a big change.  Isaiah 43:19 tells us that our Creator God is always doing new things.  Therefore, how we do the work of the church, too, depends on change. 

Fortunately, we have had gatherings to inform, express concerns, answer questions, and help prepare us for this upcoming transformation.  You have received a Church Board nomination form in your church mailbox, which is to be returned by August 4th.   Please keep this new initiative at the top of your prayer list.  I invite you to pray daily:


Marion Mennonite Church is on our way to a new adventure.  We know change is hard, messy, uncomfortable, unsettling and often unpopular.  God, as a congregation, we ask your discernment, wisdom and guidance through it all.  Give us prayerful hearts as we journey through this together. We pray this change will be a life-giving experience that rejuvenates our congregation and grows the church.   In Jesus name ~ Amen