by Carl Kniss

Epiphany Sunday: How Will We Know… What We Know?

Title: Mystery Solved, The Big Reveal!

Text: Ephesians 3:1-12

There’s a popular genre of TV “reality shows” that involve dramatic home makeovers, turning an outdated or broken down old house into a stunning showpiece that the owners can’t seem to believe is the same home when they see the finished product during the Big Reveal at the end of the show.

In this letter from prison, Paul is reflecting on the crazy path his life has been led on, and the purpose of his life as it connects to God’s desires for humanity and the church. He’s saying as simple as the message is that God called him to proclaim, it remains a mystery to many, and he’s inviting his letter’s readers to join him in revealing it to the world. We are now among those readers, so the invitation is ours! Let’s think together, as we sit with this passage, how our own journeys have shaped each of us to uniquely be a part of God’s ongoing “big reveal”!

Carl Kniss