Good afternoon all,

This Sunday is launch Sunday of a series called “The Way of Jesus”.  This particular emphasis was germinated from the work our Vision Team/Ministry Council did while compiling a vision  statement…the last phrase being;  ‘actively inviting the faces we see each  day into the ‘Way of Jesus.’   (what do we mean when we say ‘way’ of Jesus ?)

This Sunday is centered around getting started.  The 3 listed Scripture lessons all contain the word ‘way’.  I think 2 will suffice before the sermon/teaching part; John 14:1-14 and Acts 24:10-14.

I have chosen the word WAYfarers.  It will appear as part of a heading for a good many Sundays to follow.  We are likely more familiar with the word ‘disciple’ which carries the sense of ‘learner’ but I was after a word that also conveys the sense of a Jesus ‘traveler’.  So, WAYfarer became my choice.  🙂
In Acts 24 Paul refers to this ‘thing’ he has been converted into as a sect called the Way.  In John 14 Jesus references Himself as the ‘way.’  

I’d like to, as part of the teaching time, have the congregation recite 3 things interspersed with my talking.   
1. our new mission statement
2. the Apostles Creed
3. Collection of scripture verses (I’d PP all of them)
Ephesians 5:1-2
1 Peter 2:21
Philippians 2:3-8
1 Corinthians 11:1