Author: Ray Geigley

After Moses led the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt and before they had kings to rule them, the people were led by judges. Deborah was one of those judges and the only woman to do so. I hope you can find time to read her full story in both Judges 4 and 5. Chapter 4 is her story as narrative history, and chapter 5 is her story as poetic song and adds needed info for better understanding of Deborah.

As you read, what catches your interest?  What do you question? 

What kind of leader do you discover in Deborah?  What leadership strengths do you see in her?

What lessons are to be learned?  How do you fit yourself into this story? 

Pray for understanding and insight.  Pray for me, as I prepare to share some out-takes from the story.

~ Ray G.