Church Life

Mentoring Program

The Jr. Youth are encouraged to choose mentors to walk with them for a year for a guided mentorship.  The group takes a weekend retreat during the year and meets on their own throughout the year to build a relationship of trust and guidance

Burning Bush

The local Mennonite churches of Franklin District publish a monthly periodical to keep the churches connected and updated.  Each church has a writer that submits news from their church. Readers enjoy keeping up with the current events in the district through this publication.

Usher Team

This group of volunteers arrive early to church each Sunday morning to greet each person at the door with a warm welcoming smile, handshake or hug.  They have a service program to hand to the adults and activity sheets for the children. If visitors have any questions, the ushers are there to help. They also provide a sense of security during the Sunday morning services.  


Several retreats take place each year for various groups of the church.  There is an annual church retreat each fall for the whole church at Cove Valley Camp.  This retreat is full of fun, laughter, good food, lots of conversation, games, crafts, talent show, special speaker, and all the nature activities the camp provides.  

Fellowship Meals

On the 1st Sunday of each month everyone is invited to bring a hot and cold dish to share at a meal following the morning worship service.  Visitors are invited to stay. This meal offers a time to have deeper conversation and enjoy a very delicious meal together.

Prime Timers

Those at the prime age of 50 and above meet monthly for a variety of special activities including game or movie nights, picnics, local outings, dinners out, road trips, service projects, etc.


Marion has a long church history dating back to the early 1900s.  Our church historian collects information from the church to be archived at the Mennonite Historical Association of Cumberland Valley.

Small Groups

Various types of small groups meet to share life together outside of church.  These groups are self organized for the purpose of sharing life together and invite others into the Way of Jesus.

Women's Ministry

Fellowship and friendships among women in our congregation are important!  Once a month we provide a space where women gather to connect, support and encourage one another.  Our various events include brunches, luncheons, hearing one another’s faith stories, walks/hikes, pizza & prayers, Bible studies, evenings in flowerbeds or working with succulents, and weekend retreats, to name a few.  Our times together are meant to be times we grow deeper in our relationship with God and one another.  We welcome all who would like to join us!


Men of all ages meet monthly, usually on a Saturday morning for breakfast.  This is a time to talk, offer accountability through male friendship, and pray together.  If someone in the church or community has a need this group has been known to lend helping hands.