Mission And Service

The purpose of the Mission & Service Commission is to develop the vision and encourage a passion for fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.

Gloria Showalter, Ecuador

“I am enjoying life with the Quito Mennonite Church. My work is meaningful and life-giving. I dabble in a number of different areas, including evaluating and revamping our peace education program, teaching biblical literacy, collaborating on church music, teaching English and art at our after-school program, and accompanying the pastors in various aspects of their work. I love what I do and who I do it with!

“Pastoral visits are one of the favorite parts of my work. Along with Luis, the pastor of the Quito church, and sometimes also with María Helena, the pastor of a smaller congregation north of Quito, I get to visit people in their homes. I come away from these visits feeling very ministered to for a number of reasons:

  1. People share with me parts of their lives that don’t come up in other settings.
  2. I get to receive hospitality from people.
  3. I get to watch how Luis and María Helena care for people.
  4. I get to connect in a deeper way with people in my faith community.
  5. People offer me the gift of their perspective, teaching me about life and faith through the lens of their experience.
  6. On the bus rides to and from (sometime more than an hour each way), I get to pick Luis’s brain about life, theology and pastoring.

“On visits, I hear stories of generosity, betrayal, gratitude, unemployment, healing, discrimination, new beginnings, despair, faithfulness, violence, determination, illness, resilience, dysfunction and hope. Many of the people we visit are refugees from Colombia, and those visits give me inklings as to the patterns and impacts of violence, as well as the resilience of the human spirit. I strive to offer a listening ear and encouraging presence, and receive a whole host of blessings in return.”