by Pastor Blaine

Scripture lesson:  Exodus 1:7-19  (note: this lesson is carved out of a much larger story)

1. Shiphrah and Pual are midwives.  But what exactly does a midwife do? I found this description:

     Caring for women during childbirth including monitoring the mother and fetus during labor,  

     assessing labor progress, managing complications, assisting with pain management,

     performing episiotomies if needed, and delivering the newborn and placenta.

Using that description what 3 adjectives might you use to describe the characters and skill-sets of Shiphrah and Puah?

2.  Identify what it was that made the Egyptian government so nervous.  What kinds of things make modern governments nervous? 

3.  When push came to shove, Shiphrah and Puah were not exactly ‘forthright’ (they lied) in their response to the Egyptian government’s inquiry. When is it okay to ‘fudge’ the truth?  Go ahead, feel free to add another adjective to Shiphrah’s and Puah’s characters and skill-sets.

–        Pastor Blaine